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Green Encryption locks

Encryption is Critical

Please Note: The following post was originally a “Argumentative Research Paper” for my English course in college. As such it does not follow my conventional formatting. Encryption is a critical resource for the freedom of speech, protecting individual privacy, preventing censorship, and protecting the confidentiality and integrity of data. The security that encryption provides to

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Joining Flarum, The Tale

Background on My Flarum Experience Before I can get into what I learned when I started working on Flarum long term, we first must dig into how I found it when I found it and how I first started using it. It’s essential to get this background information so that you know where my thoughts,

Why I Use Caddy

Simplicity Caddy is by far one the easiest web servers I have every used, the syntax is easy to understand and the actual config itself is small. For example the following config is in fact the exact one used to run this exact website. As you can see it’s really easy to read, view and

Mailcow: Deploying a Mail Server Couldn’t be Easier

Recently I had the wonderful joy of re-deploying my home mail server, normally in the past, this was a painful task taking hours of setup time and another couple of hours of troubleshooting. Then I would have the pleasure of trying to set up my mail clients of which some of them would take a

Microsoft Teams preview image

Microsoft Teams, Coexistence Confusion Resolved

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s new chat application for Education, Government, and Companies, the goal of the new chat application is to replace Skype, however for businesses looking to roll out Teams in a controlled manner while also keeping integration with Skype the documentation is horrible. Although they have documentation on co-existence the names of the

Green Encryption locks

A Better US National ID System

Due to the new Equifax breach, it got me thinking about how Americans need to re-think our national identification. For one SSN were never intended to be used by companies or even state governments. It was originally designed for the utilization of the IRS and the IRS only, but instead, it now takes on the